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Thinking and taking care of stay arrangements is an integral part of any travel plan. Particularly, if you are coming for an extended period of stay for work or business, you definitely look for a place that is comfortable, convenient, centrally located, safe and reliable. There are two ways to make your stay arrangement for a prolonged period. You either look for a rented apartment or book at a motel/bed & breakfast. 

  The same methods are applicable if you are planning to travel to Chetwynd or already working here. Either you look for Chetwynd rental homes options to look for a place that fulfills your needs or simply book with Peace River Inn & Suites. They both might seem similar to you, but let us tell you how staying with Peace River Inn & Suites will save you time as well as energy compared to Chetwynd home rental options. 


  At Peace River Inn & Suites our ultimate aim is to provide convenience and comfort at the best affordable price. Our different packages have been designed to suit your individual needs. Apart from the rooms, we also have one room and two rooms suites, deluxe studios and junior suites. All these suites are inclusive of a state of the art kitchen while one room or two rooms apartments also contain a dining area. These suites are nothing but amenities galore. Dish TV, Wi-Fi, flat TV screen, a refrigerator, microwave ,stove top and air conditioning. Our housekeeping service ensures to freshen up all the rooms and suites every day to give you a feel of the comfort of a home. That also means that all the cleaning is left to us and you don’t have to worry about vacuuming, getting fresh towels or making your bed. Good thing is that you get all this without making a hole in your pocket. 

  To maintain our high standards and provide our customers with the best, we have recently upgraded and renovated entire rooms and suites. A lot more services and accessories have been added to further ensure your comfort. Another thing that gives Peace River Inn and Suites an edge over Chetwynd rental homes is its strategic location. It is very accessible and convenient as all the basic facilities such as restaurants, movie theater, bakery, gas stations, liquor store, barber shops, grocery shop, and drug store are situated at a walking distance. Added to these is our reliable and safe parking. 


  Last but not the least, our friendly and fully trained staff leaves no stone unturned to make sure that every guest’s stay is inundated with customer service to make the stay pleasant as well as unforgettable. You will get so much used to their convivial and warm attitude that you would never want to stay anywhere but Peace River Inn & Suites.

  If you are coming to Chetwynd for a business trip or already working here, consider staying in Peace River Inn and Suite. Let us guarantee you that you will not regret this choice. 

Call US TODAY at 250-556-6000 for special pricing for your rental homes in Chetwynd, BC.

Room Amenties

Room Amenties

  • Kitchen
  • Dining area
  • Queen size bed
  • Air conditioning
  • Cable Channel
  • Flat screen TV
  • 100% smoke free
  • Housekeeping services
  • Refrigerators
  • Washroom with bathtub

Peace River Inn & Suites



5100 50th St. SW, Chetwynd, BC, V0C 1J0, Canada